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The purpose of an organisation is to create above average market returns. This is done by creating value to a specific customer base, and appropriating some of this value away from suppliers and employees, towards shareholders.

Organisations can, however, only reach a level of return above the market average by doing something different from its current or potential future competitors, in such a way that it creates a competitive advantage that allows you to either create or appropriate higher levels of value in a sustainable manner, which is difficult to imitate.

By definition, neither benchmarking nor best practices, nor the utilisation of traditional consulting or outsourcing firms can be a differentiator, as the whole market has access to it.

To create and maintain differentiation, an organisation must have the capabilities to do so.

On the basis of understanding the significance of capabilities for companies to sustainably differentiate themselves, Capability was formed.

So what makes Capability different?

We don’t believe in applying set frameworks and rules based on experience or opinion, but rather, we rely on following our Value-Based Approach, with theoretical research and operational analysis as the starting point to the design of any solution. Capability’s Value-Based Approach is structured in such a way that it provides a competitive advantage, as it is designed around the unique factors that influence the performance of a specific client. A prerequisite to the attainment of a competitive advantage is the access to valid, reliable, accurate and relevant data that can be converted into business intelligence through a sound Research Methodology. This business intelligence should be the cornerstone for an executive team to create differentiated capabilities, provide continuous innovation and make strategic decisions that will drive above average market returns.

Designing, sourcing and building Capabilities based on these aspects, make us unique in our approach.

Through our partners and the application of our Value-Based Approach, our solutions are based on: