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research and analysis

research and analysis

Capability collaborates with the Scientia Institut in order to ensure that our capabilities are designed around theoretically accurate, practically executable principles.

The Scientia Research Methodology

Scientia Research Methodology


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  • Through access to the top 100 global research academies, which is validated by the top researchers globally and leveraged through a proprietary methodology.
  • Use on the ground assessments to ensure the practical realities are understood and the design is executable.
  • Analyse the financial results an statistical indicators to translate the design and business case to bottom line results.
  • Test and validate conclusions, and determine feasibility through executive interviews.


Guidelines for a Capability Design that is:

  • Theoretically sound
  • Value-driven
  • Unique to the client
  • Profit-driven and cost-efective
  • Practical and feasible
  • Executable
  • Validated